A complete guide on Lakes
A complete guide on Lakes

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If you are planning to go somewhere in the monsoon, then Pawna Lake can be a very beautiful and good option for you. Pawna Lake is located in Maval taluka, about 50 km from the Pune district of Maharashtra.

Where is Pawna Lake located?

This lake is about 120 kilometres from Mumbai. This lake is very close to Lonavala, the famous hill station of Maharashtra. Every year many tourists come here to roam and celebrate their holidays.

Brief description of Pawna Lake

This lake is an artificially created, i.e. man-made lake. This lake has been formed due to the Pawana Dam that is tied here. The Pawna Dam was constructed here in 1972 on the Pawana River.

Prior to this dam, the water of the Pawana River was used for agriculture on about 2500 acres of land here. Also, irrigation for most agriculture depended on monsoon water.

But drought or famine had very bad consequences on agriculture. In such a situation, this area was surveyed in a detailed manner and it was decided to build a dam on the Pavana river in the area near Maval.

Work on the construction of this Pawna Dam on the Pawana River started in 1964. But due to the Indo-Pakistan war that started in 1965, this work had to be stopped midway. Because of this, work on the Pawana Dam was completed in 1972.

Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Camping
Pawna Lake Camping

Many people come to do many adventure activities like fishing, water sports, and camping in the vicinity of Pawna Lake. Also, this place is perfect for celebrating weekend holidays with your friends. If you are also looking for a great place to do camping, then you can definitely keep the option of Pawna Lake.

You can definitely come for camping during the Diwali holidays with your friend or family on the premises of Pawna Lake. There are many places available for you to do camping here. Also, you can go here while booking at these camping places.

Even if you do not have tents or facilities to eat and drink and stay in the camp, then you have nothing to worry about. When you book in advance, all the things you need for camping can be provided here.

Essential Items for Pawna Lake Camping

If you want to take your own camping gear on the premises of Pawana Lake, then you should remember some important things. For example, you will also have to take a tent for camping, food items and necessary equipment with you.

In these devices, you must keep things like batteries, small, and big cans for water, tools for lighting a fire, etc. with you. Along with this, you should also take sleeping bags, dry clothes, tools for cutting, enough water, pain relief spray, some antiseptic creams, etc.

You may need these things while camping. With this, many of your problems can be overcome and the fun of camping can also be doubled.

What to do at Pawna Lake?

What to do at Pawna Lake?
What to do at Pawna Lake?

Pawana Lake is a very good place to visit. The panoramic views seen from the campus here will surely refresh your heart. The water of Pawna Lake looks very clean. You can also playboating, jet ski, and do many types of water sports on this water.

At the same time, you can enjoy a peaceful night here even while camping on the premises of Pawana Lake. Watching the twinkling stars from here is a wonderful and thrilling experience in itself.

Along with camping, you can also do night photography here. Along with this, you will also enjoy taking pictures of different types of animals, birds and flowers in this complex during the day.

You must also go to see the Beds Caves located nearby Pawna Lake. The Buddhist monuments and chait agria located here are very beautiful and worth seeing. You must take 2 days to see the Pawana Lake and Bedse Caves completely.

Natural Scenery of Pawna Lake

Natural Scenery of Pawna Lake
Natural Scenery of Pawna Lake

The campus around Pawana Lake is full of natural beauty. There are lush green bushes around this lake. The complex of this lake, full of greenery, looks very spectacular to our eyes.

People become very happy to see the surrounding of this lake and the beautiful views here. They cannot stop themselves from capturing the natural beauty here in their cameras.

You must also come here once to get immersed in the nature of this lake with your friends or a favourite person.

Pawna Lake Trekking

Due to the location of Pawana Lake, away from the city of Pune, it is a quiet place. Here you can spend at least a day and experience some moments of peace in your hectic life.

If you enjoy trekking and you want to do trekking, then you can definitely enjoy trekking on the premises of Pawana Lake. The experience of trekking here will definitely prove to be memorable in your life.

Food and Drink Arrangements Near Pawana Lake

There can be good arrangements for all the tourists visiting the premises of Pawana Lake. There are many restaurants, dhabas, and hotels here. You can also make arrangements for your food and drink here. Here you will find many types of dishes to eat and drink.

Also, your food and drink and living arrangements can be made at the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation resort present here. But for this, you may need to make an advance booking.

Best time to visit Pawna Lake

Many people keep coming throughout the year to visit Pawana Lake. But if you also want to go to Pawana Lake for visiting or camping, then you should come here from July to November.

From July to November, there can be a rainy season or a post-rainy season. That’s why you can see greenery everywhere here. With this, you will have a lot of fun camping here.

How to reach Pawana Lake?

Pawana Lake has very good road connectivity from Pune. Because of this, you can get many means to reach here. Despite being away from the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, you can find many vehicles to go here.

If you want to go here in your own vehicle, too, then you can definitely go. About 50 km from Pune, this place can be reached in an estimated 1.5 hours.

If you want to come here by railway, then you have to get down at the nearby Lonavala station. Lonavala station is at a distance of about 20 kilometres from here.

Also, you can come here by air also. For this, Pune International Airport is the nearest airport to you. Its distance from Pawana Lake is about 60 km.


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