A complete guide on Lakes
A complete guide on Lakes

About Us

Hello friends, we all know the basic information about the historic monument i.e. Lonar Crater, but to provide valuable and detailed information we have created this lonarlake.com website. Since we (Lonar Lake Guide Team) is living in the local area of Lonar, Maharashtra, India, we have decided to write an informative blog on Lonar Lake.

Since childhood, we have learned many things about Lonar Lake, and that’s what we wanted to incorporate this information on a single website so that many people around the world who are interested in knowing the Lonar Lake can get the benefit from this website.

We have collected the information from many authoritative sources, checked its integrity and published it here. Still, if you found anything unuseful or irrelevant then please do not forget to contact us via email provided on the contact us page.

We are free and open to receiving suggestions and corrections if needed on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Lonar Lake Guide Team

Lonar Lake Guide Team is a highly educated people team and they have ample enough knowledge about the Lonar Crater. Our team has visited many times to Lonar Lake and studied the crater for 15 years. We have seen the small and detailed changes that occurred in the lake. If you navigate through our website’s blog post then you will get the idea about it.