A complete guide on Lakes
A complete guide on Lakes

Best Guide on Lake Como for You

Lake Como has also inspired many romantic poets to write poems. Sitting on the banks of this lake, many poets gave birth to their poems. Come, today we are going to tell you more information about this beautiful lake.

Where’s Lake Como?

Lake Como is located in the foothills of the Alps mountain range. It is very beautiful and the third largest lake in Italy. Known in the Latin language as Laris, this lake is located in the northern part of Italy. The length of this lake is about 47 kilometres. Many beautiful cities in Italy are situated on the banks of this beautiful lake.

What is Lake Como famous for?

What is Lake Como famous for?
What is Lake Como famous for?

This lake is very famous for its natural beauty and serene environment. Also, there are many famous villas, i.e. lakeside resorts on the banks of this lake. Cities like Bellagio, Como, Lecco, Trenejo, Menaggio and Verena are famous for these lakeside resorts. Steamer service connecting many cities is also available here.

How to visit Lake Como?

As soon as you visit this lake, you would like to see the sight of this beautiful lake in your eyes. And will fall in love with this lake and this lake. You can also travel in a small boat present in the lake to see the views of the city and the beautiful villas around the lake. The views of the beautiful cities here are worth seeing. The cold air here attracts our hearts very much.

Here you can travel in a small boat to Verena via Bellagio. From this boat, you will find the view of Verena very spectacular. Switzerland is also nearby here.

When you get down from this small boat in Verena, you see the big buildings, i.e. villas built in the 19th century. These beautiful villas have now been converted into hotels. Living in them can be very expensive. Therefore, you should make arrangements for the expenses here in advance.

The people of the old Verena city used to catch fish many years ago. But in the 19th century, the rich aristocratic family who settled here built a very luxurious villa, one of the best here. Many of these villas are now being looked after by the government here. Most of the owners of the villas living here have become very rich with the help of tourism.

The life of the people here passes very comfortably. So if you also want some peaceful moments in your life, then definitely visit Lake Como once.

There is also a small playground for children to play near Lake Como. Where there are many swings. There is a crowd of many people here. Many couples also come to Lake Como to spend their personal time and feel relaxed.

Description of Lake Como

People living near Lake Como do not catch fish for business as before. Now they only catch fish as their hobby.

Lake Como is considered a very special destination for marriage. Big celebrities from all over the world prefer this lake as a wedding destination. The beautiful greenery spread around this lake, the snow-capped hills and the colourful flowers here attract everyone towards them.

Many celebrities and VIPs from around the world have come here and got their marriages done. Big Indian celebrities like Virat Kohli and Ranveer Singh have also been married at this destination. Recently, the engagement of Mukesh Ambani’s daughter has also taken place at this beautiful place.

Description of Lake Como
Description of Lake Como

To go from this lake to another city, you have to pass through very small and narrow streets. In the local language, they are called Contrade.

There is also a beautiful but very small river flowing like milk in the nearby Fumalate town.

Many big buildings, a beautiful lake complex and many expensive cars are also seen in the city called Bellagio. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake by sitting in the beautiful garden present here. Along with this, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the lake even while walking on the beautiful paths here.

You get to see trees, plants and beautiful flowers in many gardens here. While roaming in the beautiful valleys of the lake and the mountains, seeing the views here is not less than the views of heaven.

If you want to see some more beautiful and beautiful views, then you must go to the city of Como by boat from Lake Como. The beautiful streets, flower views and big buildings will definitely entice you here.

The entire complex around Lake Como is very special for rich people to live and visit. Here it is a different fun to see many artistic and cultural sights your eyes.

How far is Lake Como from Milan?

The distance from Milan to Lake Como is about 84 kilometres. It may take around 1 hour and 43 minutes to get here. If you want to get to Lake Como by train from Milan, it may take you about 48 minutes. Many trains run here every day. If you want to stop at Bellagio, you have to catch a train to Verena station.

Can you swim in Lake Como?

The water of this lake, located in Italy, is tested every month from April to October. This lake is worth swimming in but cannot be swimming here. This is a very deep lake, and at a distance from its shore, it can be more than 10 meters deep.

Also, the temperature of the water of this lake present in the deep lakes of Europe is also very cold. Hence, this freshwater lake is not an ideal place for swimming.


When to visit Lake Como?

The season from April to October is very good for making offerings to Lake Como. That’s why you can visit Lake Como anytime during these months. These days the weather here is hot and pleasant. You must take at least three to four days to see the entire complex of Lake Como. Because you will definitely take at least that much time to see the best views and beautiful city here.

How deep is Lake Como?

The depth of Lake Como is about 410 meters i.e. up to 1,345 feet.


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