A complete guide on Lakes
A complete guide on Lakes

Know more about Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is known as the second largest lake in the world. It is the largest lake on the continent of Africa. The line of the equator also passes through this lake. For this reason, this lake’s region comes in the world’s largest tropical region. The origin of the world’s longest river Nile is also in this lake.

Which rivers flow into Lake Victoria?

Many essential rivers meet in Lake Victoria. These include rivers named Mara, Kagera, Yala, Nyando, Bukora and Katonga. But the Nile is the only river that originates from Lake Victoria and comes out. When the Nile River originates from this Victoria Lake, then it is known as the White Nile.

Why Lake Victoria never runs dry?

Dams are tied at some places on Lake Victoria in Jinja, Uganda. But due to the large size of this lake, this lake does not dry up. This lake is so big that it is almost impossible to see its other side from one end.

Also, the amount of rain that falls here is also very high. Due to the direct rain falling in the region of this lake, about 80% of the lake fills with rainwater.

For this reason, this lake is known as one of the sweetest lakes in the world. But if experts are to be believed, in the last 1 lakh years, this lake has completely dried up almost three times.

How Lake Victoria was formed?

How Lake Victoria was formed?
How Lake Victoria was formed?

Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest, is also known as ‘Darwin’s Dreampond’. In terms of area, it is the third-largest lake in the world.

The average depth of this lake is up to 40 meters. Whereas this lake is deep up to a maximum of 80 meters. This lake is spread out over about 26,828 square miles, i.e. 69,484 square kilometres.

Many types of dangerous and carnivorous creatures also live in Victoria Lake. These include many types of large crocodiles, hippopotamus, and shark fish species. This species is found to be very dangerous for the local people here. Because every year hundreds of people are killed by them.

If you do not know, then we want to tell you that Victoria Lake was named after Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria was the queen of British rule from 1837 to about 1901. He ruled the world for almost 64 years.

When the British ruled Africa, large waterfalls, deserts or lakes were given the names of their kings and queens. In this way, the largest lake located in Africa was named Victoria Lake after the name of Queen Victoria.

Where is Lake Victoria?

Where is Lake Victoria?
Where is Lake Victoria?

You probably know that the largest lake in the world is the Caspian Sea. But it is a saltwater lake. The world’s largest freshwater lake Superior is located in North America. Lake Victoria is known as the second-largest freshwater lake in the world after this lake.

The spread of this lake is also spreading in some areas of Burundi and Rwanda. This lake is also known for its high level of unique biodiversity in large quantities. The basin of this lake is endowed with many wetlands, rangelands, forests, and vast natural resources. It provides food and clean water to local people. At the same time, it also provides them with the livelihood of daily life.

Recently, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), about 76% of freshwater species have become completely extinct in the species important for local livelihoods.

This is a big deal. Lake Victoria has been found to be the most suitable for freshwater biodiversity. But many of these fish, dragonflies, crabs, shrimp and many other aquatic plant species have been destroyed.

Many reasons like climate change, pollution, invasive species and machine farming are responsible for the destruction of many species of this lake.

Along with this, many fish, crabs, and molluscs are used as the main sources of food in most of the East African region. In such a situation, their maximum exploitation is also the reason for the destruction of their species.

According to the report, it is necessary to improve environmental policies to increase the number of all these species. Along with this, cooperation of regional people, awareness among people and use of local innovations are also important.

This lake is known for its diverse environment and natural environment. The sunlight falling in the region of this lake in the evening tells a new story in itself.

If you go for a walk in Africa, then you must also see the amazing beauty of Lake Victoria along with the Nile River.

The world’s longest river Nile, originating from this lake, passes through South Sudan, Sudan, and Egypt. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is also situated on the banks of this river. In a way, where does the boon of the Nile River go to the country of Egypt?


Which countries share Lake Victoria?

Lake Victoria is located between the three African countries of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. In other words, the boundary between these three countries is formed by Lake Victoria.


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