A complete guide on Lakes
A complete guide on Lakes

Best Guide on Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake is located in the Lahaul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh state of India. This famous lake is situated at an altitude of about 4300 meters above sea level. Due to the shape of the crescent moon, this lake is named Chandratal.

Chandra-Tal means the lake of the moon. That’s why this lake is known as ‘The Moon Lake’. Considered a paradise for tourists and trekkers, this lake has also been recognized as a Ramsar site. Due to this, the importance of this lake has increased even more.

Where is Chandratal Lake?

Where is Chandratal Lake?
Where is Chandratal Lake?

Once upon a time, Tibetan and Ladakhi traders used to travel through the premises of this beautiful lake. This route was also known as the Silk Route. Now, this complex of the lake is completely famous as a tourist destination.

A legend is also told about this lake. It is said that in the area of this lake, Indra’s chariot was lifted by Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas. After this, for many years there used to be worship recitation here.

Why visit this beautiful Chandratal Lake?

The night-time beauty of Chandra Tal Lake also attracts a lot of tourists. It is said that the Chandra Tal lake changes colour several times a day. That is, the colour of this lake appears dark blue in the morning. But in the evening, this colour changes to green. On the same night, the colour of this beautiful lake appears black.

A visit to this lake can be very special and thrilling. Its sparkling water fascinates our minds. Due to this lake being free from pollution, the water of this lake shines like a mirror during the day.

The natural beauty of the complex of this lake touches the heart of every tourist who comes here. The high snowy peaks and green plains of the lake area double the beauty of this lake.

Trekking at Chandratal Lake

Trekking to Chandra Tal Lake can provide a very thrilling experience. The beautiful views of the high icy mountains and the lake here fill our hearts with happiness. Trekkers can enjoy the beauty of this place while passing through the snowy mountains and passing through the lush green plains.

To come here by way of trekking, one has to go through Minar, Talagiri, and Tara mountains from the Lahaul range. Going from the upper point of about 5000 meters, it is important to have good stamina as well as fitness.

Trekking is organized in the months of June to October to reach Chandra-Tal. For information, let us tell you that during the monsoon, the water level of the rivers and lakes here can increase very much. That’s why you should not travel here in the monsoon.

When you are going trekking on the Chandratal lake, then you should definitely keep water-proof shoes, and a good wooden stick with you. Along with this, keep essential things like a torch, jacket, sweater, snowcap, and gloves with you. Along with small towels, take woollen socks with you. Along with this, do not forget to take a bottle of water and some snacks to eat as well.

Camping at Chandratal Lake

Camping at Chandratal Lake
Camping at Chandratal Lake

There can hardly be any other exciting experience like camping in the lap of nature at night on Chandra Tal Lake. Laying on the banks of the lake, and watching the twinkling stars of the night can give the experience of heaven. But recently the panchayat here has forbidden camping on the lake premises.

Due to the arrival of many tourists on the premises of Chandratal Lake, the dirt and pollution here have increased a lot. In such a situation, to save the environment of the lake, it has been decided to ban camping here. However, before going on a trip to the lake, you must confirm this.

Nearby Attractions around Chandratal Lake

Along with the Chandratal lake, there are many places to visit in the surrounding premises as well. Among them, many places like Kai Math, Kunzum Pass, Dhankar Lake, Dhankar Math, Tabo Math, Kibbar Village, Pin Valley National Park, Baralacha La, Trilokinath Temple, and Shashur Math are famous.

Best time to visit Chandratal Lake

The best time to visit this beautiful lake surrounded by mountains is from June to October. In winter the weather of this complex can be very unfavourable. Sometimes snow storms can also occur. So avoid going here in winter.

How to reach Chandratal Lake?

There is a good road till Kunzum Pass to reach Chandratal Lake. This route leads to the parking lot about 2 kilometres away. Also, you can go from Manali to Chandratal Lake. But going this route can cost you dearly.

To reach Chandratal lake by train, the nearest broad gauge railway station from Spiti is present in Chandigarh. This railway station is well connected to all the major cities of India.

The nearest airport to reach Chandratal Lake by air is Bhuntar. This airport, built for limited flights, is located near Kullu. The nearest international airport from Spiti is located in Chandigarh itself. From here you can take a hired car to reach Chandra Taal Lake.


In Himachal Pradesh, Chandertal, also known as Simply Moon Lake, is a barren but fascinating lake. It’s one of the most well-known hikes in the Manali area. It is also well-known among trekkers and hikers.

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