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Top 10 Attractions & Activities in Puerto Plata

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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A friendly city with stunning architecture, museums, historical monuments, and tourist-friendly streets, Puerto Plata offers a wealth of activities for active vacationers.

1. Parque Central A wonderful place to start exploring Puerto Plata is Park Central, which is located in the city center.

2. Pink Street Tourists most frequently refer to Paseo de Dona Blanca as Pink Street. Indeed, the entire street is pink.

3. Umbrella Street While it is officially San Felipe Street, even tourist maps refer to it as Umbrella Street. This charming location and pedestrian-only street are both a must-see.

4. Playa Dorada The length of golden sand beach, where the majority of the region's all-inclusive resorts are located serves as Puerto Plata's main tourist attraction.

5. 27 Waterfalls The main natural attraction in the Puerto Plata region, aside from the beach, is the Damajagua Waterfalls, & visiting them may be enjoyable for the outdoor lovers.

6. Fort San Felipe When cruise ships are moored on the day you arrive, it gives a spectacular view of Puerto Plata, the mountains behind it, and the ships themselves.

7. Malecon Puerto Plata The Malecon is the best example of Puerto Plata's excellent preservation of its beautiful waterfront surroundings.

8. Mount Isabel de Torres Cable Car The 2,600-foot Mount Isabel de Torres, which towers over Puerto Plata, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city, beach, & Atlantic Ocean.

9. Amber Museum of Puerto Plata The Amber Museum of Puerto Plata is home to several of the most amazing pieces and is renowned for having some of the oldest and clearest examples.

10. Castillo Mundo King Visit the Castle Mundo King in Sosa for an experience so bizarre and outlandish that you won't be able to explain it to anybody who hasn't been there.

With our list of the top tourist attractions and activities to do in Puerto Plata, I hope you have gained more knowledge about the finest locations to visit.


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