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10 Largest Freshwater Lakes in the World

By Vanshika Navlani

Lake Guide Team

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Lakes with freshwater that is neither brackish nor saline are known as freshwater lakes. Here is the list of the top 10 largest freshwater lakes in the world!

1. Lake Superior The world's biggest freshwater lake, Lake Superior, measures more than 31,000 square miles and boasts a maximum depth of 1,300 feet.

2. Lake Victoria The biggest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria, is regarded as one of the Great Lakes of Africa. Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda all border the lake.

3. Lake Huron One of the US Great Lakes, Lake Huron is increasingly seen as existing alongside Lake Michigan as a single body of water.

4. Lake Michigan The biggest lake entirely inside US borders is Lake Michigan. The enormous lake provides residents all around its edges with access to drinking water.

5. Lake Tanganyika By volume alone, it is the second-largest freshwater lake, only after Lake Baikal. In terms of ecology and biology, it is also of utmost significance.

6. Lake Baikal A maximum depth of more than 5,000 feet makes Lake Baikal the deepest lake in the world. It is situated in Russia's Siberia.

7. Great Bear Lake Another sizable lake can be found in northern Canada. The biggest lake totally contained inside the borders of Canada is this one.

8. Lake Malawi It is a significant freshwater lake for transportation and drinking water. More fish species live in Lake Malawi than any other lake in the world.

9. Great Slave Lake It is a lake with a very awful name that dates back to the 18th century fur trade. The word is an allusion to the Cree's slavery of other tribes.

10. Lake Erie One of the Great Lakes, it borders both the United States and Canada on its eastern side. Lake Erie is the tiniest of the Great Lakes in terms of volume.

We've selected the top 10 freshwater lakes in the globe to help you better grasp how widespread fresh water is.  Thank you!


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