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10 Biggest Lakes In The US!

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Throughout the USA, there are several largest lakes, and these biggest lakes in the US are ranked based on their water volume and surface area.

10. Lake Okeechobee, FL (1,715 Sq. ft) The biggest freshwater lake in the U.S. state of Florida is called Lake Okeechobee, which is often referred to as Florida's Inland Sea.

9. Lake Oahe, North Dakota-South Dakota (1,715 Sq. ft) On the Missouri River, Lake Oahe is a sizable reservoir located behind Oahe Dam.

8. Iliamna Lake, Alaska (2,626 Sq. ft) The Iliamna River, which empties into it, and the adjacent settlement of Iliamna, Alaska, share its name.

7. Lake of the Woods, Manitoba-Minnesota-Ontario (3,846 Sq. ft) A lake known as Lake of the Woods spans portions of the Canadian provinces of Ontario & Manitoba as well as the US state of Minnesota.

6. Great Salt Lake, Utah (5,483 Sq. ft) It ranks ninth among the world's biggest terminal lakes and is the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere.

5. Lake Ontario, New York-Ontario (19,011 Sq. ft) One of North America's five Great Lakes is Lake Ontario. The lake's centre is divided by the Canada-U.S. boundary.

4. Lake Erie, Michigan (25,667 Sq. ft) Among the five Great Lakes in North America, it has the fourth-largest surface area and ranks twelfth internationally.

3. Lake Michigan, Illinois (57,757 Sq. ft) After Lake Superior & Lake Huron, it is the second-largest Great Lake in terms of volume and third-largest in terms of surface area.

2. Lake Huron, Michigan-Ontario (59,570 Sq. ft) One of the most distinctive lakes on Earth, Lake Huron has the longest shoreline of any of the Great Lakes.

1. Lake Superior, Michigan (82,103 Sq. ft) With 10% of the world's freshwater surface water, it is the biggest freshwater lake by surface area and third-largest by volume.

Several different fish and marine species, each with unique characteristics, may be found in these lakes.


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