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10 Best Things To Do In Toledo, Spain

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Spain's soul and heart are in Toledo. This impressive hilltop city with its walls is a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check out the things to do in Toledo, Spain.

1. Mirador del Valle Go to the Mirador del Valle to take in the mesmerizing views of Toledo, while getting a sense of the city's location and geology.

2. Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes It was a Franciscan monastery established in 1476, located northwest of the Judera and cathedral. The church was built in 1553.

3. Alcázar de Toledo A former Roman fort served as the foundation for this historic Moorish fortification, which the Christian Monarchs subsequently restored.

4. Catedral de Toledo One of the most significant Christian sites in Spain is Toledo's cathedral, with its soaring tower and magnificent Gothic design.

5. Old Town The Casco Histórico is an intriguing labyrinth of narrow pedestrian walkways, serene courtyards, and artisan stores tucked away in little lanes.

6. Museo de Santa Cruz This outstanding museum is situated in the magnificent Hospital de Santa Cruz from the 16th century, which has a gorgeous Plateresque front.

7. Mezquita Cristo de la Luz It's one of the greatest locations to go in Toledo to get a sense of the Islamic history of Andalusia.

8. Iglesia de Santo Tomé Another structure that was once a mosque is the 12th-century church of Santo Tomé, which is located west of the cathedral that borders the Judera.

9. Puente de Alcántara: 13th-Century Moorish Bridge The Plaza de Victorio Macho is the ideal location in Toledo to observe and photograph the bridge and the river valley.

10. Hospital de San Juan Bautista It is a sizable collection of structures that house important pieces of art. The church, sacristy, and courtyards are all open to visitors.

It is definitely worthwhile to stay longer in this city because it is full of sightseeing gems. I hope you enjoyed the intriguing things to do & see in Toledo, Spain.


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