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10 Best Things To Do In Seaside, Oregon

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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You should look at the best things to do in Seaside, Oregon if you enjoy bright beaches, retro stores, odd museums, and additional seafood restaurants.

1. Seaside Beach Lovers may picnic here; children can shell hunt, and shopaholics can enjoy themselves at booths selling a variety of delicacies and gifts.

2. Turnaround at Seaside This might be a really cost-effective option if you're going to Seaside and wondering what to do there.

3. Saddle Mountain Trail One of Oregon's most well-known climbing and trekking destinations, Saddle Mountain, has an exceptionally stunning road that leads to its summit.

4. Seaside Promenade It is a well-liked location for tourists, runners, bikers, skateboarders, walkers, and more. Golden sand dunes and distant, lush trees may be seen in the landscape.

5. Seaside Aquarium The Seaside Aquarium, one of the oldest on the West Coast, has a long and devoted history of conserving and maintaining marine life.

6. Skookum Fishing Charter You don't have to worry about steering, navigating, or even locating ideal areas for fishing because all boats are captained and manned by pros.

7. Captain Kid Amusement Park In addition to games, there are 18 rounds of mini-golf, bumper cars, roto-whips, go-karts, and climbing walls.

8. Cannon Beach Every year, hundreds of tourists go to Cannon Beach, one of the top vacation sites in the state.

9. Clatsop Plains Wide, open views and exquisitely weathered sand and rock formations make it a well-liked tourist attraction.

10. Ecola State Park Ecola Point, a lookout point with views of both densely covered forests and expansive, sandy coastlines, is the greatest location for panoramic views.

You'll have lots of possibilities here, whether you're stopping through on your route to Portland or settling down for a lengthy getaway or honeymoon.


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