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10 Best Places To Visit In Belgium

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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In Belgium, visitors will discover a surprisingly wide range of things to do, from stunning natural surroundings to historical sites. Know the best places to visit in Belgium.

1. Brussels Each traveler to Belgium must see this location, which is home to both the European Union's headquarters & the residence of the Belgian Royal Family.

2. Medieval Bruges A popular tourist destination in Belgium, Bruges is known for its charming atmosphere and medieval buildings.

3. Upper Meuse Valley The valley is renowned for its picture-perfect little villages, breathtaking limestone cliffs, and lush, trail-scattered forests.

4. Antwerp Antwerp, a port city famous for both its industry and aesthetic influences, offers a wealth of historical and cultural places to visit.

5. Ghent Visit Ghent, a city of architectural and historical significance, if you want to experience the charming ambience of a medieval town without the throngs of Bruges.

6. Mons On the road from Paris to Brussels, Mons is situated close to the French border between the Trouille and Haine rivers.

7. Leuven Leuven, which stands on the river Dijle and is roughly 30 kilometers east of Brussels, is the location of one of the nation's oldest and most renowned universities.

8. The Beaches of Belgium Despite the fact that most people don't think about beaches when planning a vacation to Belgium, they should.

9. Dinant Dinant is a well-liked tourist destination in the upper Meuse Valley and is situated 28 kilometers south of Namur.

10. Cathedrals and Churches Some of Belgium's most exquisite old churches may be found in the city of Ghent, with the stunning Saint Michael's Church standing out as the most gorgeous.

Despite its small size, Belgium is a true jewel of the European Low Countries. I hope you've enjoyed reading this guide.  Happy Travel!


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