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interesting facts about Rewalsar Lake

By Malvika Kashyap

June 29, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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Although Himachal Pradesh has a wealth of natural attractions for tourists to enjoy, Rewalsar Lake or Tso Pema Lotus Lake will be the most surprising sight because of its unique shape.

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At a height of roughly 1360 metres above sea level, in the Mandi area, is this square-shaped mid-altitude lake.

Mandi Area

Its sacred river, surrounding forests, and mountain peaks have added to its attractiveness and made it a popular tourist attraction.


the location, and it has historically been a significant Buddhist, Sikh, and Hindu pilgrimage site. Three Buddhist monasteries are situated close to the lake.

Buddhist monasteries

Over Rewalsar, there are three Hindu temples and Kunt Bhyog, another sacred lake. ______________


The Sisu Fair in February or March and the Baisakhi festival are  the two most significant annual celebrations here.


On a hilltop in Rewalsar, there is a temple dedicated to Naina Mata that can be visited. A shrine to Naina Devi was erected on this holy site where it is said that Sati's eye once rested.

Throughout the year, visitors to the temple come from all parts of the state. The location offers a panoramic view of the Balh and Sarkaghat Valleys and is bordered by pine trees.

People also enjoy making the walk from Rewalsar to this location. Another lake called Kunt Bhayo, named after Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas,

May be found on the road to the Naina Devi temple. It is reported that Arjun built this lake to satisfy his mother's thirst.

There are six further lakes in this region that are referred to as "Sar" locally. The rainy season is when these lakes collect the majority of their water.


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