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The top ten cities in Japan to visit

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Japan is a nation of contrasts where the new and the old coexist harmoniously side by side. Here is our list of the top ten cities in Japan to visit

1. Tokyo Tokyo is where most tourists to Japan land first. Even if you are travelling elsewhere, Tokyo is still worth exploring and enjoying.

2. Kyoto Kyoto, the former capital of Japan in antiquity, is well-known for being the location of numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

3. Osaka The best street cuisine in Japan, historical sites, and a distinctive cultural experience can all be found here.

4. Hiroshima The history of Hiroshima may be the biggest draw for tourists, but it shouldn't be the only one. Come here to learn about the city's gloomy past.

5. Nara Nara can be reached from Kyoto in under an hour by high-speed train, making it a simple day excursion.

6. Sapporo The Sapporo Snow Festival at the beginning of February and the city's numerous ski resorts make it the top winter vacation in Japan.

7. Fukuoka Mountains ideal for trekking surround Fukuoka, notably Mt. Hiko with its copper torii gates at the peak and Mt. Shiouji with its ruins of Ohno Castle.

8. Kanazawa The 16th-century Kanazawa Castle and the lovely gardens it is surrounded by are still standing today because Kanazawa was spared from being attacked during World War II

9. Kobe Kobe's strongest characteristic is its picturesque setting between the sea and the Rokko mountains, despite the fact that it is better recognised as a port city

10. Nagasaki Some of that history may be seen in the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and while strolling around Peace Park, which is home to numerous monuments and memorials

Takayama and Matsue are also the other 2 cities you can visit in Japan. I hope you have enjoyed this guide. Share it if you liked it.


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