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10 Best things to do in Temecula

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Visitors to Temecula in Southern California like it for its wine culture. For the typical tourist, Temecula offers a good number of things to do that will satisfy their needs

1. Taste Wine Of course, going on a wine tasting tour is first and foremost among the necessary activities to do in Temecula.

2. Visit Museum The Temecula Valley Museum ought to be one of the most intriguing things to do in Temecula.

3. Spa treatment There are numerous hotels and other accommodations available here that will let you unwind and give your worn-out bones some TLC.

4. Hot Air Balloon Taking a ride in a hot air balloon and flying far above the ground to see the sunrise is not something you do every day.

5. Line dancing at Temecula Stampede Temecula Stampede offers pool tables, a large bar, and a mechanical bull even if you don't enjoy line dancing.

6. Throw axe at SoCal Axe At SoCal Axe in Temecula, you may discover and unleash your inner lumberjack for a fun day or night adventure.

7. Scavenger hunt People that are competitive, want a challenge, or are scavengers will love exploring the city in this manner while earning points, of course.

8. Eat at Old Town Temecula has a really gorgeous Old Town, which is a blessing. You can explore the Old Town's wonders.

9. Temecula Community Theatre While exploring the town on foot is fun, there are certain places where you can just sit and enjoy some evening (or everyday) entertainment.

10. Safety in Temecula Temecula is a welcoming, family-oriented community and isn't exactly included on any lists of dangerous or unsafe US or global towns. like, in any

You can find something in Temecula that is more your style and more enjoyable than visiting a winery with the help of our guide to the area's less-traveled attractions.


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