7 Temples around Lonar Lake

Lonar Lake, a popular tourist spot in the heart of Maharashtra, India, is visited by a number of visitors. The lake is also home to a number of temples


This Daityasudan temple is known as the oldest and most beautiful temple in South Vidarbha.


Daityasudan Temple

Bhogwati Kunda has Gomukh (mouth of cow sculpture) from that we can see the day and night constant flow of water, in the basin.


Gomukh – Dhar Temple

Adjacent to Gomukh Dhar Temple there is an ancient Shiva temple of Lord Mahadev. We can see the grand assembly hall on the outside of this temple.


Ancient Shiva Temple

There is also a magnificent ancient temple of Kamalja Devi in the area. This temple is still in good condition.


Kamalja Devi Temple

In this Sleeping Hanuman temple, if you try to determine the north and south directions using a compass, even the compass does not show you the proper direction.


Sleeping Hanuman Temple

In the Lonar Crater area, when we descend about 400 feet, you see an ancient Kumareshwar Shiva temple there.


Kumareshwar Temple

You may have seen and visited many types of Mahadev temples, but you must not have seen the temple of Lord Shiva like the Mahadev temple.


Mahadev Temple

To see these beautiful temples and to add more historic moments to your life, you must visit Lonar Lake at least once.



How Lonar Lake Was Formed?

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