How Lonar Lake Was Formed?

Lonar Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in India and is formed when a large meteorite fell onto the earth.

Space Materials that Fall into Earth

Many types of materials that fall into the earth's surface, sometimes it could be the pieces the things that were sent into space by humans for research purposes


A few small pieces are made of stone, clay and metal and covered with ice that orbits the sun.  As they move closer to the sun


the sun's temperature causes their ice to suddenly evaporate. And that's why as they move forward, they see a shiny trail of steam behind them


As we know that there is a lot of rocky material available between Mars and Jupiter.  This is known as the asteroid belt


Meteors that hit Earth or other planets are probably from this belt. These large bodies are called asteroids.


Small and large pieces of rock and metal or satellites that revolve around the planets in the solar system. Sometimes they get pulled by the planet, due to its gravitational force


At that time, they collided with the planet very fast and made a big impact on the surface of that planet. These materials are called 'meteorites' or 'meteors'.

Meteorite that caused the Lonar Crater

It is found that the meteorite that hit Lonar, India was a huge piece of meteorite.  When it was approaching Earth

How big was the asteroid  that killed the dinosaurs?

According to scientists, the type of meteorite that destroyed dinosaurs from Earth was approximately 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) in diameter.

When was the  last meteor that hit Earth?

To date, January 2022, the last known meteor shower may have been 66 million years ago (66 million) by a meteor with a diameter of 10 km (6 miles) or more

What's the biggest  asteroid to hit Earth?

The meteorite landed in the southern Ural region of Russia on February 15, 2013. The meteorite is approximately 17-20 meters (66 ft) in diameter


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