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Things to do in Williamsburg, Virginia

By Malvika Kashyap

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From 1699 through 1780, the Virginia Colony was headquartered in the Virginian city of Williamsburg. With this list of the top attractions in Williamsburg, you can find fun things to do

1. Governor's Palace The Royal Governor's first residence was finished in 1722 but was destroyed by fire, and a copy was built in its place in 1934.

2. George Wythe House The George Wythe House, Williamsburg's finest private residence, was constructed for a well-known lawyer in the middle of the 18th century.

3. Eat in historical taverns Taverns served as gathering places for locals and visitors in colonial Virginia for food, drink, and conversation.

4. Enjoy Busch Gardens You may ride the iconic Loch Ness Monster roller coaster, meet the Muppets, cruise the "Rhine," cheer for Bavarian oompah bands, ride in a teacup, and more.

5. Ancient Jamestowne There is a display of more than 1,000 objects that have been found on the property since excavations started in the Historic Jamestowne Visitor Center.

6. Jamestown Settlement A part of the first prosperous English outpost in North America's mainland is recreated at Jamestown Settlement.

7. Bruton Parish Church An active Episcopal church, Bruton Parish welcomes visitors at other times and has volunteers on hand to show out historical elements.

8. Artisans' Shops The numerous artisanal stores in Williamsburg where costumed craftspeople practise and display their abilities are among of the most fascinating sites to see.

9. Berkeley Plantation Berkeley, the oldest of all the plantations along the James River, has repeatedly attained the title of National Historic Landmark.

10. Great Hopes Plantation The wealthy leaders lived in the renovated residences along Duke of Gloucester Street, but the majority of Williamsburg's citizens in the 18th century did not.

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