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Lake Pukaki – The Most Beautiful Lake In New Zealand

By Malvika Kashyap

July 4, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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One of the most beautiful lakes in the world is Lake Pukaki, located in New Zealand. -----------------

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The lake, with its glacially blue waters, is situated in the Mackenzie District of Canterbury Region in South Island.


The largest of the three alpine lakes in New Zealand's South Island's Mackenzie Basin is called Pukaki (Lake Tekapo is the second-largest).

If Lake Pukaki appears surreal in photographs, believe me, it also appears surreal in person. Additionally, if you didn't see Lake Pukaki on your journey to the South Island, it would be lacking.

How to reach Twizel, 7 kilometres to the south, and Tekapo, 48 kilometres to the northeast, are the closest towns to Lake Pukaki.

A trip to Lake Pukaki should always be planned with consideration for the weather. Sunlight, in particular, plays a significant role when visiting Lake Pukaki.

Given its vastness, the lake is surrounded by a large number of lookout and viewing sites. The most popular one is at the Visitors' Center, which provides some very breathtaking vistas.

Driving around the lake is one method to find the many lookout locations. There are bound to be both natural and artificial vantage points.


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