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Things to know before visiting Lake Welch Beach

By Malvika Kashyap

July 4, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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The Lake Welch Parkway, also known as Lake Welch Drive, is a beautiful route that runs through Harriman State Park in southern New York.

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It stretches 5.60 miles (9.01 km) on a southwest-northeast direction, from Seven Lakes Drive's intersection to the Palisades Interstate Parkway's partial interchange.


Despite being near to the Orange County line, the highway is fully within Rockland County. New York State Route 987A is what the New York State Department of Transportation lists it as (NY 987A)

Wintertime closures apply to the section of Lake Welch Parkway that runs south of Tiorati Brook Road. All beaches in Harriman State Park can be reached primarily via the parkway: Inlet Welch

On the northbound side of Seven Lakes Drive, the Lake Welch Parkway begins. It runs north. Although there isn't a direct connection to Seven Lakes Drive going south,

A modified traffic circle is created by enlarging the area where the interchange is located and enabling U-turns on either side of the divider to provide access from both directions.

History Early in the 1960s, plans for the 2.19-mile (3.52-kilometer) Lake Welch Parkway through Harriman State Park were developed. 

Man-made Lake Welch Beach State Park The largest beach in Harriman State Park is Lake Welch, which has a half-mile-long sandy beach among the wooded slopes of the Ramapo Mountains.


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