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10 Best Things To Do In Gettysburg

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Pennsylvania, where Gettysburg is located, is a state in the United States. The Gettysburg National Battlefield is its claim to fame. Check out the things to do in Gettysburg.

1. View the Monuments and Battlefields The vast battlefield is covered in about 1,400 monuments and statues, making it one of the greatest outdoor sculpture collections in the world.

2. Visit a Battlefield Taking a tour with a certified battlefield guide is the best way to view the battlefield and comprehend what happened here.

3. Make a visit to the Museum and Visitor Center The tourist center and accompanying exhibits are the ideal place to start for an overview that places the combat and this war in context.

4. Enjoy scenery from Little Round Top The Battle of Gettysburg's pivotal engagement is thought to have taken place on the rocky hill known as Little Round Top.

5. Visit Eisenhower National Historic Site The only home that President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower have ever owned was the one they purchased in 1950.

6. Shriver House Museum The Shriver family's rebuilt 1860 mansion transports you back to tense times when Confederate sharpshooters seized their residence and tore two holes through its brick wall

7. Jenny Wade House Only one civilian was killed in the conflict that engulfed and filled the small town of Gettysburg for three days, despite the tremendous losses suffered by both sides

8. David Wills House The Wills House Museum depicts post-battle Gettysburg life and how locals were left in charge of cleanup and medical care for the injured

9. Gettysburg Museum of History The extensive military item collections in this private museum began with the discovery of bullets, shells, buckles, buttons, and other Civil War relics

10. Sachs Covered Bridge The 100-foot-long covered bridge known as the Red Sachs Bridge, which spans Marsh Creek, is one of Gettysburg's most well-known beautiful attractions

The best seasons to travel are spring and fall, when the weather is pleasant enough to go for walks outside without being overrun by tourists throughout the summer.


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