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10 Best Things To Do In Des Moines, Iowa

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Des Moines, Iowa, a vibrant center of the Midwest, is a treasure trove of tradition, industry, history, art, politics, and much more. Check out the things to do in Des Moines, Iowa.

1. Visit Des Moines Civic Center The ability of a community to host local performers and shows is proof of the strength of a shared ambition.

2. Salisbury House & Gardens Visitors are encouraged to explore the expansive grounds, spectacular architecture, and incredible art collections at Salisbury House & Gardens.

3. World Food Prize Hall of Laureates It is one of the many unusual sights in Des Moines; it is a museum that honors agricultural accomplishments.

4. Blank Park Zoo The zoo offers visitors the chance to see wild animals in their natural environment in a stunning outdoor park setting.

5. Des Moines Art Center One of Iowa's top tourist destinations is this. A museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art in all forms.

6. Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden One of the most stunning sites to visit in the United States is this 14-acre botanical garden, which is located along the Des Moines River.

7. The Science Center of Iowa This facility engages visitors of all ages by bringing science to life via interactive exhibits, theaters with unique formats, and special events.

8. Jasper Winery The winery is a place where people can get together, shop for regional wines, and listen to live music.

9. Gray’s Lake Park This breathtaking 167-acre park should be on your list of places to visit if you're seeking destinations that will pique your sense of and passion for nature.

10. Adventureland Resort This top-notch, all-inclusive resort located outside of Des Moines offers so much excitement and pleasure in one location.

See some of the wonderful sites mentioned here if you're thinking about visiting Des Moines.  Happy Travel!


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