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Best Story on Pulicat Lake

By Santosh Salve

June 26, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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With a surface area of 759 square kilometres, Pulicat Lake is the second-largest brackish water lagoon in India. The lagoon's largest portion is located in the Andhra Pradesh district of Tirupati.

It is located roughly 60 kilometres north of Chennai, namely on the seaward side of the island blockage known as Sri Harikota that separates Pulicat Lake from the Bay of Bengal.

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The small lagoon is a significant stopover on migration routes and is renowned for its variety of aquatic species.

What is special about Pulicat Lake?

Closed sea mouths that prevent water from entering the lake and the mixing of toxic water from surrounding enterprises are other problems.

Why is Pulicat Lake salty?

I wouldn't suggest visiting alone, even though it is generally safe, simply to prevent giving anyone any ideas.

Is Pulicat Lake safe to visit?

The natural beauty of the lake and the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary, which is home to a variety of species, are what make it so unique.


Pulicate Lake, located in Nellore, is the second salt lake on our list and the second-largest lagoon in all of India.

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The lake, which is more than 600 years old, has a deep connection to the socioeconomic situation and cultural history of both States.


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