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Best Story on Kolleru Lake

By Santosh Salve

June 26, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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One of Andhra Pradesh's largest freshwater lakes, It is situated 65 kms from Rajamahendravaram and 15 kms from Eluru. It is one of India's greatest shallow freshwater lakes

Lake in Andhra Pradesh

Between the Krishna and Godavari deltas is where Kolleru is located. The lake, which was once well-known for its profusion of flamingos, now astounds tourists with fewer members of the animal kingdom.

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The Ramsar Convention designated this lake as a wetland of international significance in November 2002, which would aid in the lake's restoration.

Ramsar Site

the infiltration of seawater into land masses and its consequences in terms of a negative impact on the pattern of rainfall in this area.

A never-ending vicious cycle is generated when there is a decrease in rainfall because crops fail as a result.

Less Rainfall

Water pollution has caused the lake's quality to decline.  The lake is now smaller in size. The lake flooded as a result of the muddy ground.


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