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Best Guide on Switzerland Tour

By Santosh Salve

June 26, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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It is a chic travel destination that provides a wealth of outdoor activities and cutting-edge city breaks because to its combination of wide greenery and polished towns

Stylish tourist destination

Switzerland is known for having an enviable standard of living and well-functioning public services despite being small, hilly, and wealthy.

Quality of life

The Alpine views in Switzerland are so idyllic that it seems as though they were taken straight out of a postcard or a children's book.

Alpine vistas

Zurich is the global leader in art, design, and nightlife, while Berne offers an endless array of activities for sightseeing, shopping, and traditional folk entertainment.

Berne and Zurich

The sexiest and most affluent city in Switzerland, Geneva is home to a significant expat community, many of whom work for international organisations.

Most upscale city

Discover the charming, Italian-speaking area of Ticino at the southernmost point of Switzerland. Take the Gotthard Panorama Express, a panoramic train, to Ticino.


Take a cruise or ferry ride on one of the many lakes in the area, including Lake Luzern's scenic Vierwaldstättersee, Lake Brienz, Lake Constance, and Lake Geneva.

Swiss Lakes

One of Europe's best rail excursions, the Glacier Express runs for eight hours and 291 kilometres over breathtaking Alpine scenery.

Glacier Express

Come for the rich, creamy cheeses, silky chocolates, and expensive watches; stay for the great culture, breathtaking beauty, and pure joy.


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