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Best Guide on Chakrata Hill Station

By Santosh Salve

June 22, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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High-ranking East India Company employees chose Chakrata, which is 88 kilometres from Dehradun and situated at around 2118 metres above sea level, as a summer retreat.

Where is Chakrata?

According to legend, when the Kauravas attempted to kill their cousin brothers the Pandavs by setting them on fire at Lakshagraha, they all managed to escape and made their way to Chakrata.


Tiger Fall rises 312 feet above the ground. The Chakrata's most famous landmark is this waterfall. It is a spectacular waterfall that nevertheless exudes a rustic allure.

Tiger Fall

The Lakha Mandal Temple, which honours Lord Shiva, is encircled by breathtaking mountains. The main draw of this sacred site is the graphite lingam.

Shiv Temple

It is advisable to take some Chakrata Rajma for your home as well as to taste it. It is incredibly soft and pleasant to eat.

Chakrata Rajma

This ethereal hill station has several breathtaking waterfalls that are enough to tempt tired souls to wed in the midst of nature.

Why Visit Chakrata?

Depending on your interest, the best times to visit Chakrata are from April to June and from October to December.

Best Time To Visit

Road travel from Dehradun to Chakrata is simple. The closest railroad station to Chakrata is in Dehradun, which is located 87 kilometres away.

How To Reach

Chakrata is a beautiful location away from traffic and pollution in a serene setting. For those who enjoy the outdoors, bird watching, and adventure, this place is great.


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