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Best 10 Things To Do In Okinawa, Japan

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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There are 160 nearby archipelagos, coral reefs, and tropical beaches all around the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa. Check out these best things to do in Okinawa, Japan.

1. Visit Cape Manzamo One of the most popular picturesque rocks in Japan is this well-known formation that looks like the trunk of an upside-down elephant.

2. Watch Nakagusuku Castle Japan's most well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site is Okinawa, which includes the ruins of Nakagusuku Castle.

3. Shikinaen Royal Garden It thrived as a bridge between nations to maintain positive commercial links between China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

4. Okinawa World You may discover the Ryukyu Kingdom era in Japan. All of the ancient practises from the Ryukyu era are being observed in this community.

5. Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum The Art Museum promotes creative effort while becoming a global hub for supporting Asia-Pacific arts and cultural initiatives.

6. Sefa Utaki Because of its significance to Okinawa's native religion, Sefa Utaki is also one of Okinawa's World Heritage Sites.

7. Okinawa Zoo and Museum The main draw of Okinawa is its local wildlife, including the Yonaguni horse and the young lion named Arusha, both of which were born there.

8. Karate Museum One of the most intriguing sports in Japan is still karate. It is one of Okinawa's three national sports museums.

9. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium The largest aquarium in the world with many breeding whale sharks. It has also been successful in producing a variety of Bayou Manta species.

10. Kouri Island & Kouri Bridge It is a portion of Okinawa's Nakijin Island and is located around 5 kilometres from the entrance to the Kouri Bridge.

Do not think limited by this list of things to do in Okinawa, since there are many, many more for your trip. Happy Travel!


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