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10 Amazing Things to Do in Kahului, Hawaii

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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The island's transportation, trading, and commercial centers are located in Mau's major town. These are the recommended things to do in Kahului, Hawaii.

1. Visit Iao Valley State Park One of Maui's most famous natural sights is located about five miles west of Kahului, in a steep, stream-cut valley covered in dense jungle.

2. Kanaha Beach Park It is well-known globally for boardsports like windsurfing and kitesurfing, & the conditions there are almost always ideal for them.

3. Hana Highway The Hana Highway, which combines Hawaii Highways 36 and 360, is unlike any other road trip you'll ever take.

4. Baldwin Beach Park It is a magnificent white sand beach surrounded by palm trees and ironwood, is located just past the airport.

5. Windsurfing and Kitesurfing You could not choose a finer location to learn to windsurf or kitesurf than here, where you could be persuaded to give it a try.

6. Helicopter Tours Booking a flying trip is the only way to really appreciate Maui and the surrounding islands' magnificence.

7. Horseback Riding They lead you around the rim of a picturesque valley, down to the Ocean, where you may enjoy stunning views of the water, and back to the corral.

8. Ho’okipa Beach Park Although there is lots for less experienced tourists to enjoy, the beach is better for expert surfers because of how large the waves may become.

9. Ziplining A unique and enjoyable family activity is to zipline over the Maui Tropical Plantation, which is located a few miles outside of Kahului.

10. Maui Nui Botanical Gardens A greenhouse, picnic area, and playground are available. The garden also pays local cultural practitioners to show off their skills and knowledge to visitors.

A regional airport is helpful for helicopter trips over Maui's stunning but remote terrain, and Kahului has one. Happy Travel!


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