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Umiam Lake: Reservoir in Meghalaya

By Malvika Kashyap

July 2, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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One of Meghalaya's largest artificial lakes, Umiam Lake, is located about 15 kilometres from Shillong.  It has a surface size of around 220 square kilometres and is more often known as Bara Pani.

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Early in the 1960s, a dam was constructed over the Umiam River as part of a hydropower project, creating the lake.


The magnificence of this enormous lake, which was formed when the Umiam river was dammed to hold water for hydroelectric power generation, is  enhanced by the surrounding

History It was first built as a dam or reservoir, but it is today a well-liked tourist destination. ____________

History Additionally, it is renowned for its adventure & water sports facilities, including kayaking, water cycling, scootering, and boating

The lake is frequently contrasted with the stunning lakes of Scotland since it has such attractive and expansive surrounds. 

The Lum Nehru Park is a beautiful park close to its coastlines and a must-see location for birdwatchers.

In addition to being a well-liked picnic location, the park is renowned for its expansive lawns, aviary,  and orchid house.

 It offers a lot of open space where kids can play and is dotted with enormous pine trees on either side.

You can reserve lodges at the nearby government-run Orchid Lake Resort or have lunch at the restaurant with lovely views.

The Umiam Lake offers many possibilities if you're looking for breathtaking views. There are numerous vantage spots from which you can take pictures of the surrounding hills and river.


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