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Top 5  Morni Hills Destinations

By Santosh Salve

June 27, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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At a height of 1,267 metres in the Panchkula district of the Indian state of Haryana, Morni is a village and popular tourist destination in the Morni Hills.

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Morni Hills is a quiet hill station in Haryana. Morni Hills is the ideal weekend getaway location because of the abundance of flora there.

Hills and valleys

The entire Morni region is covered by the Shivalik Himalayan range. Morni Hills is the ideal hill station if you're seeking for a few hours of tranquilly and nothing more than lazing around.

But you must go to Morni Hills if you desire to discover the unknown. Here are the top 5 locations in this modest hill station  that you should see.

5 Destinations

Tikkar Taal is a location that is proud of its two artificial lakes and is located 7 km away from the lovely Morni Hills.

1. Tikkar Taal

Only 17 miles away, is very important to the Sikh community. According to folklore, Guru Gobind Singh stopped here to rest on his way to Anandpur Sahib.

2. Gurudwara Nada Sahib

An adventure park in Morni Hills to promote tourism. It gives all adrenaline junkies a wide range of possibilities.  There are climbing nets, a zipline, and a Burma Bridge nearby.

3. Adventure Park

History buffs may also be drawn to Morni Hills. The Morni hills are topped with a massive fort that provides a panoramic view over the Morni village.

4. Morni Fort

It regularly draws a large number of worshippers. This temple is thought to date back to the period of the Pandavas since it contains ancient stone sculptures.

5. Thakurdwara Temple

Morni Hills might provide you a distinct kind of hill station and break the monotony. It captures your attention and calms your hyperactive thoughts.


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