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things to do in Knoxville, Tennessee

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Couples, families, foodies, and other travellers of all kinds are welcome in Knoxville. Find a wide variety of family-friendly, budget-friendly things to do in Knoxville

1. Visit Old City The Old City, a historic area in Knoxville, is one of the most fascinating areas to see on foot

2. House Mountain State Residents and visitors in Knoxville don't have to travel far to enjoy hiking and time in nature; it only takes ten minutes from downtown

3. Watch Sunsphere An enormous geodesic sphere was built for Knoxville's 1982 hosting of the World's Fair

4. Visit James White Fort In 1786, James White Fort was constructed. It was rebuilt in Knoxville's downtown and remains open to tourists almost 200 years later

5. East Tennessee History Center The history centre has received numerous accolades for the calibre of its exhibits

6. Enter into Neyland Stadium The stadium, one of the largest in the country, can accommodate up to 102,000 spectators

7. Go to Zoo Knoxville Zoo Knoxville is a wonderful place for families to spend a day together because it is home to over 900 different animals from across the world

8. Visit Knoxville Museum of Art The Knoxville Museum of Art is centred on outstanding local talent while also honouring the art of East Tennessee and the people who created it

9. Watch Tennessee Theatre When it opened in 1928, the historic Tennessee Theatre was immediately adored by the locals

10. World’s Fair Park The previous Knoxville fairgrounds hosted the World's Fair in 1982. The area has been known as World's Fair Park ever since, and it is still a lovely location

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