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Top 10 Things To Do In San Luis Obispo, California

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Beautiful San Luis Obispo, regarded as "America's Happiest City," is located in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains. Check out things to do in San Luis Obispo, CA.

1. Visit Bubblegum Alley Even though it is a weird attraction, going there only to have a quick look at it is one of the greatest things to do in San Luis Obispo.

2. Go to San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum Children may learn via play with a variety of interactive, engaging, and hands-on activities and exhibits that are available.

3. Watch Bishop Peak Bishop Peak, which is a member of the Morros mountain range, also known as the Nine Sisters, is regarded as one of the best vacation places.

4. Leaning Pine Arboretum The arboretum, which is in a tranquil setting, has stunning views of the university campus as well as the magnificent mountains that stretch down the coast beyond.

5. Pismo Beach It is a nice, relaxed village that is only a 30-minute drive from San Luis Obispo. It's worthwhile to travel outside of the city!

6. San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden You can see the plant life from each of the Mediterranean region's five main temperature zones on its stunning five acres.

7. The Dorn Pyramid It is a 25-foot-tall, pyramid-shaped masonic mausoleum made of granite that was finished in 1905.

8. Avila Beach The coastline is lined with several restaurants and stores; the shoreline is ideal for sunbathing, and the boardwalk is pleasantly framed by palm trees.

9. Avila Hot Springs and Hiking Trails It makes use of the valley's natural hot springs of mineral water, which are believed to promote health through therapeutic procedures.

10. Visit Lopez Lake It has 22 miles of beachfront and 4,200 acres of woodland, with plenty of campsites, picnic areas, and interesting flora and animals to observe.

There are many fun and interesting locations to visit and activities to do in San Luis Obispo, California. Happy Travel!


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