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Top 10 Things To Do In Portland, Maine

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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The list of things to do in Portland is pleasantly long, regardless of why you're visiting or when you get there. Here is a list of the top sights to see and ways to get around the city

1. Watch Portland Head Light It towers above the entire shoreline, and to help people navigate through the night, it has both a foghorn and a beacon

2. Visit Peaks Island To enjoy the island's natural beauty, outdoor enthusiasts can hire bicycles and kayaks

3. Eat a Holy Donut Holy Donut is the perfect name for this business because their unique donuts have the most wonderful flavour

4. Explore International Cryptozoology Museum The only museum in the entire world devoted to enigmatic, elusive, and potentially mythological creatures like Bigfoot and Sasquatch is this one

5. Lucky Catch Cruises With the help of real fishermen, Lucky Catch Cruises will take you on a boat ride where you'll bait, trap, and pull creatures of the deep sea

6. Visit Botanical Gardens You will need to be willing to make a road journey in order to see the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

7. Shop at The Maine Mall Being the biggest shopping centre in the state, The Maine Mall lives up to its name

8. Enjoy at Palace Playland It offers games, slides, carousels, bumper cars, kiddie pools and fun houses.

9. Visit Portland Museum of Art The Portland Museum of Art ought to be your first destination when seeking for the greatest things to do in the arts district

10. Fore River Sanctuary The Fore River Sanctuary, which is the only natural waterfall in Portland and is home to Jewell Falls, is a terrific location to unwind

Let these recommendations serve as your road map for a wonderful vacation to Portland, Maine if you're ready to discover the magic for yourself


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