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Top 10 Things To Do In Nashville, tn

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Nashville is one of the most well-known music destinations in the world and is known for its vigour and brightness. Here are just a few ideas for top 10 things to do in Nashville, TN!

1. Music at Grand Ole Opry One of the top things to do in Nashville, it presents the newest and best in country, folk, gospel, and bluegrass music.

2. Visit Parthenon It's one of the top attractions in Nashville, especially for art lovers; on the front steps, you can frequently see theatrical groups staging Greek plays.

3. Go to Cumberland Park There are bike trails, climbing walls, and butterfly gardens, but its largest draw is a massive splash pad where you can cool yourself on hot summer days.

4. Music Row It provides a top-to-bottom view of the vibrant local music industry and is jam-packed with record labels, radio stations, recording studios, and music production firms.

5. Visit Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory One of Tennessee's largest astronomy facilities, it offers unimpeded, clear views of the night sky due to its location on a sizable hill.

6. Nashville Zoo There are tours available of the basic house, which served as the foundation for the 9th biggest zoo in the nation.

7. Stroll in Warner Parks The Warner Parks, technically twin parks named Edwin Warner Park and Percy Warner Park, cover thousands of acres near Nashville.

8. Tennessee State Prison Although you cannot enter inside, you are permitted to drive up to the gate and take photographs or register for marathons and ghost tours.

9. Radnor Lake It has sparkling waves that lap rocky coastlines and jagged cliffs, and because of its stunning beauty, it is truly regarded as a Class II Natural Area.

10. Enjoy at Nashville Shores It will keep you entertained for hours whether you're flying above the earth or plunging deep into swimming pools.

Nashville, Tennessee city offers everything, from exhilarating performances to sedate nature retreats. Happy Travel!


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