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Top 10 Most Affordable Cities in California

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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California still boasts a number of economically viable areas to reside despite its famed status as the most expensive state in the nation. Here is a list of the most affordable cities in California.

10. Vacaville Families looking for a vibrant location apart from the bustle of a major metropolis will find it to be an affordable area to reside in.

9. Oxnard On the West Coast, it is one of the most economical areas to reside. This coastal town, which lies halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, has seven miles of white-sand beaches.

8. Fontana More than 200,000 people reside there, and they have access to go-karting, lush parks, waterfall hikes, and the eccentric Bono's Historic Orange on Route 66.

7. Chico Chico, mainly unexplored in Northern California, is notable for being the location of Chico State University. It also offers reasonably priced housing.

6. Sacramento The state capital is a dynamic vacation location full of enjoyable things to do in addition to being one of the most cheap places to live.

5. Clovis For outdoor enthusiasts looking for one of the least expensive areas to live in California, it is a top real estate option.

4. Stockton Despite being 70 miles from the shore, Stockton offers people a waterfront lifestyle at a reasonable cost of living.

3. Eureka In one of the most affordable cities in California, there is no shortage of green hiking trails, iconic movie sites, and exquisite California chocolate for new residents to discover.

2. Fresno Beautiful gardens and parks, a thriving creative culture and arts scene, delectable farm-to-fork food, and a relatively inexpensive cost of living can all be found in Fresno.

1. Clearlake The typical home in Clearlake costs about $200,000, making it one of Northern California's least expensive cities to reside in.

Tired of being in constant financial straits? I hope this list of the most affordable cities in California will help you to plan your residence.


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