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Fun Things to Do in Los Angeles

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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The hub of the country's film and television industry. You'll be spoiled for choice in LA because there are so many entertaining things to do in Los Angeles!

1. Water Park Raging Waters, the largest waterpark in California (60 acres), offers activities for all ages, such as the Aqua Rocket

2. Madame Tussauds The wax museum, which features more than 100 Hollywood movie icons, also features Michael Jackson, the King of Pop

3. Go whale watching! Largest animals in nature are rarely visible from cities. Sightings of whales and dolphins are frequent

4. Try your luck in an escape game Your ability to collaborate with others, solve problems, and think creatively will all be tested by LA's escape games

5. Go surfing at Venice Beach There is no better way to cool yourself on those hot California summer days than by swimming or, even better, surfing at the coastlines

6. Swan boat in Echo Park Renting a pedal swan boat allows you to take in the sights while getting a little exercise.

7. Airplane tour It's highly suggested for a romantic or surprise date with your special someone because of the breathtaking cityscape and sunset vista

8. Helicopter tour over the city A private helicopter trip over the Hollywood sign can satisfy your taste for adventure if an aeroplane tour doesn't quite do it.

9. Horse riding adventure The horseback riding excursions offered by Sunset Ranch transport visitors away from the concrete jungle and up to Mount Hollywood's fresh air

10. kayaking at Marina Del Rey You can kayak around the harbour on your own or with a companion in a boat designed for two people

Visit Los Angeles and get treated like a celebrity, or go on an adventure-focused vacation to the sunny metropolis.


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