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Fun things to do in Atlanta, Georgia

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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If you're going to Atlanta, make the most of your journey by participating in as many of these things as you can. Check these fun things to do in Atlanta. Travel safely!

1. Meet the pandas at Zoo This zoo has the largest population of great apes in North America, a couple of charming giant pandas, & more.

2. Try indoor skydiving At iFLY Atlanta, thrill-seekers may experience skydiving's incredible adrenaline rush without having to literally leap out of a plane 14,000 feet in the air

3. Battle zombies Take part in a large group or choose for the VIP treatment. You'll follow in the footsteps of both hunters and undead

4. Race against the clock in an escape room You and your team will collaborate at The Escape Game to identify hints, resolve riddles, and finish a task

5. Fun Spot Fun Spot America Atlanta out in Fayetteville, just over 30 minutes' drive from Downtown, promises nothing but smiles, excitement, and good moments

6. Embark on a historical trolley tour of the city To visit the city's must-see landmarks and attractions, take a trolley tour

7. Enjoy flight in a biplane This experience is unrivalled and possibly the most unforgettable of all the things to do in Atlanta, whether you're an aviation enthusiast or not

8. Enter an oceanic world The enormous Georgia Aquarium, located inside the well-known Centennial Olympic Park, is a favourite among Atlanta's young visitors

9. Enjoy live music at candlelight Are you looking for a special night out? Enjoy live music performances in a romantic candlelit setting

10. Go hiking The Cascade Springs Nature Preserve is a lush area with plenty of hiking trails, waterfalls, picnic tables, and many birds and animals

What are you waiting for when there are so many amazing things to do in Atlanta? Get ready to leave by packing your bags and making a list


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