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Top 10 Best Beaches in Morocco

By Vanshika Navlani

Lake Guide Team

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Moroccan beaches provide more than just a place to soak up the rays. See our ranking of best beaches in Morocco for inspiration on where to go for a seaside vacation.

10. Martil The contemporary port of Martil, only ten kilometres east of Tetouan's historic centre, is a popular summer destination for local beach holidaymakers.

9. Oued Laou It is located 48 kilometres southeast of Tetouan, a Mediterranean beach town with plenty of low-key charm that is affordable.

8. Achakar Beach Although though Achakar Beach is only 15 kilometres west of vibrant Tangier, it feels like a world apart from the metropolis.

7. Asilah You should visit Asilah and the nearby shoreline in the spring or fall to avoid the summertime hordes of Moroccan beach bums.

6. Moulay Bousselham At the very edge of the city, Moulay Bousselham's sweeping, sandy spit is bustling with local tourists in August.

5. Oualidia The sea at charming Oualidia is much calmer than in other resorts spanning the Atlantic Coast since it is surrounded by a protected lagoon.

4. Legzira Beach 10 kilometres north of the blue-and-white historic Spanish Desert town of Sidi Ifni sits Legzira Beach, one of Morocco's most gorgeous stretches of beach.

3. Essaouira If you wish to see some of Morocco's numerous ancient sites, Essaouira is one of the greatest cities in which to do both.

2. Mirleft The majority of visitors to Mirleft are looking for more from their beach vacations than just sun-drenched sunbathing, and the city boasts a booming activity culture.

1. Agadir Since decades, European tourists seeking a family-friendly, reasonably priced beach holiday have come here.

With so many surf instructors available, the renowned surf breaks that line the Atlantic Coast are a perfect spot to learn.  Happy Travel!


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