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Things to do in Roswell, New Mexico

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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The "Roswell Incident," a rumoured UFO crash that some believe was covered up by the military in 1947, is what made Roswell famous. Find out attractions and things to do in Roswell, NM

1. Visit International UFO Museum and Research Center Few people anticipated that this centre, which established in 1992, would become such a popular tourist destination for UFO enthusiasts

2 Visit the Roswell Museum and Art Center A fine collection of sculptures, antiquities, prints, paintings, and pictures may be seen in Roswell Museum and Art Center

3. Visit the Bottomless Lakes for a Day A state park with nine small, extremely deep lakes, Bottomless Lakes is situated along the Pecos River about 15 miles southeast of Roswell

4. Investigate the Anderson Museum The museum's collection, which numbers over 500 items and is both wide and eclectic, includes sculptures, paintings, sketches, prints, and photographs

5. Walk the Trails One of the three walking trails or one of the two longer hiking trails is the best way to experience the refuge.

6. General Douglas L. McBride Military Museum Exhibits about military history and the history of the New Mexico Military Institute are available at the General Douglas L. McBride Museum

7. Historic Centre of Southeast New Mexico James Phelps White, one of the most significant families in southwestern New Mexico's history.

8. Spring River Park and Zoo The approximately 34-acre Spring River Park features a number of ecosystems, a kids' zoo, a small train, and an old-fashioned wooden horse carousel

9. Explore the Roswell Historic District A free walking tour guide is available from the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico

10. Walker Aviation Museum The Walker Aviation Museum, which is fascinating to visit while awaiting a flight or making your way to your hotel.

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