Threats To Lonar Lake

Some man-made activities and some natural threats can lead to significant threats to Lonar Lake (crater) and the surrounding biodiversity.

Many of the animals and birds that depend on natural resources are found in the Lonar Lake area.

Unnatural (artificial) Threats

But due to overcrowding and an increase in residential areas, the annihilation of biological resources is progressing.

Fertilizers and Pesticides of Farming Excessive Borewell work Bathing & Washing Clothes Washing Cattles & Household Sewers Festivals and Pilgrimage

There is another legend associated with this Lavanasura demon. When this Lavanasura was killed by Lord Vishnu, the blood of that demon got spread on the feet of Lord Vishnu.

This can lead to problems such as depletion of lake water, and mixing of wastewater with various chemical elements. In addition, farming is done in the surrounding lake area.

Detergents, various chemicals, household sewers, etc. are also frequently released into lake water illegally. Cattle are also brought to the lake for washing.

Also, some amateur tourists use the lake water for bathing or other household chores. Due to all these important reasons, the lake water is being severely affected.

In addition, the groundwater resources of the lake are depleted due to excessive borewell work, but the locals do not seem to care.

But due to all kinds of pollution and danger, the number of all these birds has decreased significantly.

Bad effects of these activities

Low rainfall is the leading problem and due to this sometimes water of lonar lake gets depleted drastically.

Natural Threats to Lonar Lake

Stopping the unimportant constructions. Avoid excessive borewell work. Follow all the instructions from the administration.

How to get rid of these threats?

Stop washing clothes, cattles and bathing. Most importantly understand it’s imporatance. Support the “Save Lonar” initiatives.

How to get rid of these threats?

Due to all these dangers, the local administration, with the help of researchers, has now started activities to take care of this historic lake.


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