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Things about Antelope Canyon

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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East of Lechee, Arizona, on Navajo soil, Navajo Upper Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon in the American Southwest. Learn more about Antelope Canyon in next slides.

1.  There is a reason why Antelope Canyon appears on so many lists of places to visit. It is one of the most extraordinary locations in the world and is extremely simple to get to

2.  Many people are unaware that Antelope Canyon is truly split between the Upper Canyon and the Lower Canyon.

3.  No visitors are permitted to enter Antelope Canyon without a guide because it is situated on reservation grounds for Native Americans

4.  For those who are more daring, there is the Lower Canyon. To enter the canyon, you must descend a series of steel ladders and stairs

5.  The Upper Canyon is More Easily Accessible as compared to lower canyon. But you will enjoy this place

6.  Arizona is warm and dry. Particularly during the summer, you will become dehydrated, Make sure you always have a water bottle with you

7.  To avoid the crowds, it is preferable to visit the Lower Canyon early in the day. The Lower Canyon only accepts first-come, first-served visitors and does not accept bookings

8.  When visiting Antelope Canyon, you should definitely bring your camera because you'll be at one of the most breathtaking locations on earth!

9.  Avoid the canyon when it's raining. At Antelope Canyon, flash floods can originate from miles away even when it is not raining

10.  A stop at Antelope Canyon is not enough! Other beautiful sights can be seen nearby in abundance.

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