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top 10 Things To Do In Boise, Idaho

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Boise is a fantastic city in the Pacific Northwest, brimming with both man-made and natural attractions. The top things to do in Boise have been compiled in this guide.

1. Visit Boise Art Museum There is a place for youngsters to learn about and create art, so even the youngest visitors may have a fantastic time here.

2. Go to Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center Visit the Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center if you enjoy the outdoors and are seeking outdoor activities.

3. Boise Trolley Tours You'll be traveling on a vintage trolley for an hour and fifteen minutes while taking in some of the most prominent downtown attractions.

4. Snake River Valley This region of Idaho is known as wine country, and several producers here provide fantastic tours and amazing wine to tourists.

5. Barber Park This is a great location to enjoy the thrill of nature. If you visit at the proper time, you could see sights that you won't soon forget.

6. Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist The seat of the diocese is located in this church, which has been around the longest in Boise. 140+ years have passed since the construction of this Cathedral

7. Greenbelt Biking This weekend, bring your bike to Boise and join the riders who are touring the renowned Greenbelt.

8. Experience Hot Springs In Boise, you may have a fantastic steam experience without going to a spa. Hot springs, an natural phenomenon that provides essential warmth, are located close to the city.

9. Bogus Basin Mountain The slopes of Bogus Basin Mountain are ideal for activities like skiing and snowboarding, making the winter a particularly enjoyable time to visit.

10. Inn at 500 Capitol Hotel Boise has several excellent hotels, but the Inn at 500 Capitol could be the best.

In Boise, you can discover fantastic things to do year-round, whether you visit in the winter, summer, spring, or fall. Happy Travel!


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