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Tampara Lake Guide for you

By Malvika Kashyap

June 30, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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One of the biggest freshwater lakes in the State is Tampara Lake.  The lovely lake and the close-by Chilika Lagoon highlight the rich biological diversity that Odisha is fortunate to have.

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Chilika is a brackish water lagoon, while Tampara is a freshwater lake. The peculiarity of Tampara is increased by the fact that it is largely isolated.

Here is a beautiful photo of Tampara Lake. Take advantage of the immersive experience, 360-degree views, and virtual tours that will soon improve your visual voyage!

Beautiful Lake

It is the highest elevation freshwater lake in Kerala and also the smallest at 5 hectares in size.

Things to do

The Panamaram River, which originates at Pookode Lake and runs down the valley to join the Kabini River, also originates there.

River Point

People visit Pookode Lake for family outings, boating, and to take in the tranquilly and calming atmosphere of the location.

Things to do here

You can enjoy a leisurely stroll or relax on a bench while taking photos of the lake with flowers floating on it.

Walking around the lake

The main draw of Pookot Lake is boating. You can tour the tranquil lake area with the rowboats and pedal boats.

Boating in the lake

Another attraction on-site is the freshwater aquarium. An assortment of freshwater fish are displayed in a tiny display in the Pookode Lake aquarium.

Checking out the aquarium

This Lake includes a fish spa where you may unwind. Put your feet in the water to start your session, then sit back and relax while the little fishes eat the dead skin.

Relaxing in the fish spa

Children can have fun in the nearby children's park. Adults can also ride bicycles around the lake or go horseback riding along the coast.

Enjoying in the park

A range of handmade goods made from bamboo and coconut husk are offered for sale at the handicraft shop at Pookode Lake's entrance.

Buying souvenirs

Pookode Lake has a tiny cafeteria. You can purchase cold beverages, ice cream, sweet corn, and other freshly made drinks and snacks here.

Savouring local delicacies

The Pookode Lake opens at 9 AM and closes at 5 PM. The hours for boating are also from 9 AM to 5 PM, but entry is only open until 4.30 PM.


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