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Scotland's top 10 tourist destinations

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Scotland should score highly for people seeking an unforgettable holiday or weekend getaway packed with historical sites. Check these Scotland's top 10 tourist destinations

1. Edinburgh The nation's capital is home to beautifully maintained buildings from numerous historical eras.

2. Glasgow Thanks to its numerous attractive parks and pedestrian-friendly streets, it's a great city to explore on foot, especially if you also visit Glasgow Cathedral

3. Scottish Highlands The majestic Scottish Highlands are one of the few vacation sites to have so completely grabbed people's imagination.

4. St. Andrews One of the greatest golf destinations in the world is St. Andrews. Golfers from all over the world travel to St. Andrews to play its seven legendary links courses

5. Loch Ness Scotland's stunning Loch Ness, which is shrouded in myth and folklore, continues to rank among the top tourist destinations in the world

6. Inverness This breathtakingly beautiful Scottish Highlands city, located at the eastern end of the nation's most well-known lake.

7. Aberdeen You should definitely include Aberdeen, a charming port city on the North Sea, on your trip itinerary for Scotland. Walking through Aberdeen is a lot of fun.

8. Loch Lomond If you want to explore some of Scotland's most famous landscapes, Loch Lomond is a convenient spot to go.

9. Stirling One of the best locations in Scotland to use as a base for travelling around the nation is the mediaeval town of Stirling.

10. Isle of Arran As somewhat of a microcosm of all that's great about Scotland, the charming Isle of Arran has established itself as one of the best destinations to visit.

Among these top 10 places, Isle of Skye & Fort William also great destinations to visit in Scotland. Share this story if you liked it.


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