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Most Exciting Things to do in Wilmington

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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One of the most exciting cities in the South is Wilmington, North Carolina, a port city on the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. Check out things to do in Wilmington.

1. Visit Cameron Art Museum Great paintings from Wilmington-based and international artists are on display here. Come here for a highly enjoyable and educational experience.

2. Masonboro Island Reserve This is an island that has been exquisitely conserved, allowing nature to flourish and tourists to enjoy themselves greatly.

3. Kayaking at Zeke’s Island One of the nicest things to do in North Carolina is to paddle and kayak about this island.

4. Wilmington Railroad Museum Learn more about the railroading of the area, and in particular, the significance of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, here.

5. Explore Cape Fear Museum of History and Science This museum brings historical and scientific ideas to life with tens of thousands of items from various fields.

6. The Cotton Exchange The Cotton Exchange is a fantastic collection of specialty stores, each of which exudes a distinctive kind of southern charm.

7. The Riverwalk If you arrive here early in the day, you'll be blown away by the fantastic activities and interesting things to do. The Riverwalk offers a tonne of fantastic free activities

8. Gone Coastal Charters Fishers with experience understand the importance of patience since you can spend your entire trip reeling in fish while on other trips you get nothing at all.

9. Historic District Simply said, Wilmington is among the top destinations to go if you want to experience a historic city.

10. Airlie Gardens With vegetation you've never seen before, this is one of the most pleasant tourist destinations.

There are many reasons to praise Wilmington, North Carolina. This city is wonderful with its rich history, delicious cuisine, and lovely surroundings.


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