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List of things to do in Houston at weekends

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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1. Discover a Park Some, like Buffalo Bayou and Midtown Park, are excellent for casual human interaction, while others are pet-friendly.

2. Ride on a Trail It can be difficult to navigate the traffic in Houston, so sometimes renting a bike and exploring the area on it is the best way to get around.

3. Discover the Green With its 12 acres of greenery, Discovery Green is the ideal location for a stroll, a picnic, or just letting the kids run around.

4. Cozy Up Outside Get out of the usual movie theatre and enjoy a viewing outside beneath the stars on the lawn or in your car.

5. View Public Art The art is at home, and we have a lot of it. Our murals, which cover every available flat surface, provide a visual history of the city.

6. Get Wet Houstonians may experience unusually high temperatures in the early summers, er, spring.

7. Visit Surrounding Cities Visit the university town of San Marcos, the renowned antiques destination of Round Top, or our adversary, Dallas.

8. Visit a Museum Houston has so many museums that there is a whole area devoted to them. -------------

9. Enjoy a Dinner & Movie When you can do both at once, why decide which should come first—dinner or movie? Upscale theatres can improve your supper & a movie experience.

10. Fulfill Your Sweet Craving Crown Cake bakeries provide an unlimited supply of delectable sweets & pastries.

Houston offers excellent steakhouses, unbelievably delicious tacos, and Italian food that rivals a bowl of risotto from the Lombardi area.


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