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Orlando's Lake Eola Park: What to Know Before You Visit

By Malvika Kashyap

July 6, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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In the centre of Downtown Orlando sits Lake Eola Park, which has a 0.9-mile-long promenade encircling the lake.

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Visitors to the park can also hire paddle boats in the style of swans and feed the park's birds, including live swans.


Taking in a performance or concert at the Walt Disney Amphitheater, eating at Relax Grill on Lake Eola, or simply unwinding amidst lovely flowerbeds & a breathtaking perspective of Orlando's skyline

On the east side of the park, Eola Drive offers free parking, and Central Boulevard and Rosalind Avenue offer metered parking.

Street parking is also available in Thornton Park and Eola Heights, with a two to five block walk to the park. A few blocks away from the park, any garage is available for parking.

a beautiful downtown location for outdoor activities like paddling, exercising, or just getting away from the high-rise buildings in the area.

The 23-acre property, which is accessible from East Washington Street, features a path that round the lake's edge for about a mile.

A playground, a brilliant red Chinese pagoda, an amphitheatre, and a well-known fountain are further features of Lake Eola Park.

Getting aboard one of the adorable paddleboats that are available for rental is probably the greatest way to enjoy the lake at Eola Park.

Don't miss Lake Eola's very own farmers' market if you're in the downtown area any Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm. It's located at the corner of E.

Look for the vivid red pagoda to get one of the nicest views over the sea. In the nights, a cool LED light installation may be seen on the Chinese-Buddhist monument.

You are welcome to bring your own picnic to Lake Eola, but for something a little more refined (and fuss-free), the Relax Grill by the lakefront comes highly recommended.

Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evening in Lake Eola Park, one of the most well-liked martial arts locations in downtown Orlando.


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