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Lake Compounce: 10 Attractions in Park

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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In recent years, Lake Compounce has made significant investments in rides, roller coasters, and other attractions as well as in the addition of more fantastic food and beverage options

1. Storm Surge A brand-new light and sound experience has been added to Lake Compounce's vintage lighthouse waterslide.

2. Venus Vortex You will experience weightlessness as you go through a dark tunnel and then unexpectedly fall into the ravenous Venus Flytrap's mouth

3. Boulder Dash On this exhilarating, one-of-a-kind mountainside coaster, you must race through the forest. A popular park attraction that you must not miss

4. Phobia Phear Coaster The first triple launch coaster in New England will test your mettle with speeds up to 65 mph and a spine-tingling cobra roll 150 feet in the air

5. Rainbow Riders Views of the park may be seen as you soar into the air in your balloon as you spin it around and around.

6. Wave Swinger This stunning rollercoaster suspends passengers high in the air and rotates them in a circular, wave-like motion.

7. Drop Zone This little drop tower is likely to satisfy your child's greatest demand for thrills. ----------------------

8. Ghost Hunt Find the spectres Bleakstone Manor is home to. Obtain bragging rights by amassing the most points. Just beware of Boocifer!

9. Mammoth Falls This daring raft ride, a favourite at water parks, will excite the whole family as you dive down the falls.

10. Thunder Rapids Join the raft and ride the waves across the breathtaking, unspoiled landscape. Who will or won't get wet on this floating object is anyone's guess.

Enjoy exciting, fun, and family-friendly activities for kids of all ages! Create lasting moments. Happy Vacations!


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