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10 Interesting Europa Theme Park Attractions

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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After Disneyland Paris, Europa-Park is the most visited theme park in Europe. It is also the largest park in Germany. Check out these Top 10 Europa Theme Park Attractions.

1. 'Bellevue' Ferris Wheel Enjoy this distinctive view of Germany's biggest winter wonderland while observing the activity from above.

2. Alpine Coaster "Enzian" Traveling by rail to the Magic World of Diamonds involves a vertical loop-the-loop, and a race up and down through the mountains.

3. ARTHUR Take a magnificent theme ride through the Minimoys Kingdom that is based on the wildly popular ARTHUR film trilogy.

4. blue fire Megacoaster You're in for an amazing drive via craggy cliffs and breathtaking scenery! The "blue fire Megacoaster" will launch you from 0 to 100 km/h in under 2.5 seconds.

5. Dancing Dingie Embark on a voyage in the swing boat. Adventurers are invited to enjoy an exciting boat trip on the kids' swing boat.

6. Doctor Know It All If you have a question, ask Doctor Know-All; he almost always has the solution!

7. Euro-Tower As we raise you to a height of 75m in our glass lift, take in a stunning 360º panorama over Europa-Park, the Rhine river, the Black Forest, and the French Vosges.

8. Ghost Castle There is no way out of the cobweb-covered medieval fortress once you enter it. The restless ghost has you entirely at his mercy.

9. Ice rink Since its first installation in the winter of 2001, the ice skating rink has been a well-liked destination for both kids and adults.

10. Jungfrau Glacier Flight You're in for some fast flying fun! Take off and explore Jungfrau's secret Swiss glaciers.

There are many, many more, so don’t feel limited by the suggestions here.  Happy Travel! -----------------


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