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10 Incredible Things To Do In Negril, Jamaica

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Negril, a relaxed town in western Jamaica, continues to exude the same lulling tropical beauty that initially drew visitors there in the 1960s. Check out the things to do in Negril, Jamaica.

1. Visit Mayfield Falls Compared to Dunn's River Falls, Mayfield Falls are pleasantly less busy and less packed in size and commercialization.

2. Bloody Bay It is often a little more sedate than its well-known neighbor. Sun protection is provided by palm and sea grape trees, and the water is usually quiet and clean.

3. Negril Beach It is one of Jamaica's most beautiful pieces of coastline, extending from Bloody Bay in the north to Long Bay and the Negril Cliffs in the south.

4. The Negril Cliffs The stunning Negril Cliffs, rising above the water south of Negril Beach, served as the setting for the James Bond movie Thunderball.

5. Hummingbird Garden Jamaica Five minutes away from Rick's Café, in the midst of lush tropical vegetation, lies Barney's Flower & Hummingbird Garden, a modest haven for avian life.

6. Ziplining A canopy ziplining excursion is a fantastic choice if you want a taste of the rainforest and can drag yourself away from Negril's stunning beach.

7. Blue Hole Mineral Spring You may try the purported medicinal properties of the chilly, clear waters at Blue Hole Mineral Spring, which is located in a limestone cavern.

8. Kool Runnings Adventure Park You can race down waterslides with a Jamaican theme here, drive go-karts, and bounce on a bungee trampoline.

9. Half Moon Beach It is a tranquil stretch of coastline with hammocks strung around, where you can relax on the beach and eat freshly cooked fish at the outdoor café.

10. Negril Lighthouse This remarkable building, which towers 66 feet above the earth and casts light 100 feet above sea level, was constructed in 1894.

You probably won't hear the last of Jamaica's holiday tales for years to come since Negril offers so much to do and so much for your kids to discover!


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