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10 Fun Things To Do In Berkeley, California

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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With so many exhilarating and interesting possibilities, there are innumerable things that every Berkeley visitor should see and do. Read these fun things to do in Berkeley, CA.

1. Visit Lawrence Hall of Science This educational facility provides a wide range of interactive experiences, events, and entertaining displays for the whole family.

2. Fairy Post Office The Fairy Post Office is one of your finest alternatives if you're looking for free, quirky things to do in Berkeley, California.

3. Adventure Playground Since its debut in 1979, it has been a popular destination in the city due to its abundance of kid-friendly activities.

4. Indian Rock Park One of the best things to do in Berkeley for a modest challenge is scaling the stones by their holes and stairs, which may be enjoyable for beginners in rock climbing.

5. Tail of the Yak The unique ephemera that is sold by Tail of the Yak include jewelry, presents, ancient arts, contemporary decorating styles, and more.

6. East Bay Vivarium It is a hybrid zoo and pet shop that is claimed to house one of the largest collections of reptiles in California, if not the whole nation!

7. Japanese Food Even though it's difficult to image Berkeley, California as having any connection to Japanese cuisine, it could well be one of the best spots to go tonight for a delicious supper!

8. Habitot Children’s Museum Clay Play, Little Town Grocery and Cafe, Infant-Toddler Garden, and The Art Studio are just a few of the things you can do here.

9. Mexican Food Comal, located in the Berkeley Art neighborhood in downtown Berkeley, is likely the most well-known eatery serving this cuisine.

10. Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive It is among the most entertaining and exciting things to do in Berkeley's downtown.

This list of the fun things to do in Berkeley could help you improve your Berkeley bucket list if you weren't sure where to go.  Happy Travel!


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